Product Description

Extend your reach to clean windows and solar panels with this two-in-one easy to use kit. The ProCurve® system is designed to clean windows and solar panels faster, safer, easier and is better for the environment. Using this system leaves no carbon footprint and conserves water, unlike complicated, expensive, non-eco friendly equipment. The ProCurve® System allows you to reach and clean even the most difficult to access windows and solar panels.

Kit Includes:

  • 4-8′ ProCurve extension pole
  • Sorbo® squeegee channel & rubber
  • 2 ProCurve tool handles
  • 14″ deluxe wash sleeve
  • 14″ support bar
  • Canvas carrying case
  • Printed Instructions (available for download)

*Sizes reflect the industry standard for extension pole lengths. For the most accurate sizes see chart below.

Item Description Size Pack Qty. UPC Code
1001 SMART® DIY Window & Solar Panel Cleaning Kit 4.9-8 ft / 1.5-2.4 m 1 039932010016

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