Product Description

Mr. LongArm non-conductive extension poles offer the safest way to change light bulbs. Our bulb changers attach to our extension poles and allow the user to remove and replace bulbs quickly and easily, while standing safely on the ground!

  • Smooth fiberglass handle and slider with rubber hand grip for a comfortable non-slip grip
  • Won’t conduct electricity (120/240 voltage) if not contaminated with moisture, water or other conductive liquids.
  • Nylar threaded end fits all Mr. LongArm bulb changers and accepts lock clip
  • External chuck & collet locking device provides a secure lock at any extended length
  • Made in the USA

*Sizes reflect the industry standard for extension pole lengths. For the most accurate sizes see chart below.

Item Description Size Pack Qty. UPC
6708 Non-Conductive Extension Pole 4.2-7.5 ft / 1.3-2.3 m 6 039932067089
6712 Non-Conductive Extension Pole 6.2-11.3 ft / 1.9-3.4 m 6 039932067126
6716 Non-Conductive Extension Pole 8-14.8 ft / 2.4-4.5 m 6 039932067164
SL Roller

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