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Maintaining a clean surface on your solar panels is essential for optimum energy output. The ProCurve Solar system is designed to clean solar panels faster, safer, easier and is better for the environment. Using this system leaves no carbon footprint and conserves water, unlike complicated, expensive, non-eco friendly equipment. The ProCurve® Solar System allows you to reach and clean even the most difficult to access solar panels. The HydraSoar® flow-thru extension pole and brush expedites the cleaning process when a water supply is available. This is how you clean solar panels. For full instructions click here.

Available in two and three section kits.

  • One 5′-8′ (1.5-2.4 m) ProCurve® Extension Pole
  • One 12″ (30 cm) and One 18″ (45 cm) Sorbo® Channel with Premium Squeegee Rubber (Not sold separately)
  • One 18″ (45 cm) and One 22″ (56 cm) Wash Bar and Microfiber Wash Sleeve
  • Two ProCurve® Tool Handles
  • One 4′-8′ (1.2-2.4 m) HydraSoar® Flow-thru Extension Pole
  • One Flow-thru Angle Adaptor
  • One Soft Flow-thru Cleaning Brush
  • One 15″x15″ (38 x 38 cm) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Printed Instructions
  • Solar Panel Cleaning DVD
  • Handy Canvas Case









Item Description Size Pack Qty. UPC
1008 ProCurve Solar Kit 4-8 ft / 1.2-2.4 m 1 039932010085
1009 ProCurve Solar Kit 4-12 ft / 1.2-3.6 m 1 039932010092
ProCurve Solar System

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