Smart-Wall Temporary Dust Barrier

How-To Set Up a Smart-Wall Temporary Dust Barrier

Smart-Wall Temporary Dust BarrierWhether you’re a Professional Painter or a Do-it-yourselfer renovating a home, at some point you’re probably going to need a temporary dust barrier. The Smart-Wall® is designed to help you keep your work area under wraps. The Smart-Wall Temporary Dust Barrier keeps dust, debris, and paint flecks confined to a single space. Smart-Wall is easy to install and is great for protecting rooms during light construction. Projects such as popcorn ceiling removal, wood floor refinishing and paint spraying just to name a few.

The Smart-Wall can be configured to most any shape or area; square, linear, or simply to close off a room at the door. It’s perfect for sealing off and protecting furniture or appliances before sanding and/or painting. Each kit can protect approximately 16 square feet or linear feet.