Extension Pole Threaded Ends: What is a Lok-thread and what does it do?

There is nothing worse than having to constantly retighten a tool that keeps spinning off an extension pole threaded end. For example, if you’re constantly having to stop painting a wall to tighten the roller frame back onto the pole. Another common example we have seen customers complain about in the past are when you are cleaning your boat and the brush on the pole is constantly coming undone. Both situations are annoying and waste valuable time for the user.

The Solution

To solve this problem Mr. LongArm’s Heavy Duty and Professional extension poles come equipped with a special feature on our standard ¾” metal threaded ends.  This feature is called a Lok-thread and was designed to prevent threaded tools from loosening during use. While the Lok-thread may be small and hard-to-notice, it is definitely effective. Our Pro-Lok, Alumiglass, Smart-Lok, and Super Tab-Lok line of telescoping poles all feature this patented technology. No more stopping what you’re doing; attach your tool and get to work!