ProCurve® Squeegees

  • The ProCurve® Squeegee handle rotates smoothly on the specially designed taper fitting of the ProCurve® extension poles.
  • ProCurve® Squeegees can also be used with many traditional style extension poles and most brands of squeegee channels
  • Choose 12″ or 18″ aluminum squeegee channel
  • The ProCurve® squeegee rotates freely on ProCurve® extension poles



The ProCurve Squeegee rotates smoothly on the specially designed tapered fitting of the ProCurve extension pole. The curved design of the pole allows the user to accurately control the position of the tool for additional speed and ease of cleaning. The ProCurve Window Cleaning System has distinct advantages over the traditional method of cleaning windows. With the ProCurve System you can clean windows from top to bottom without removing the squeegee handle from the extension pole, saving time and reducing stress in the user’s back and shoulders. Easily wash windows of all sizes and shapes including solariums and atriums. Allows user to reach around any obstructions, such as, flowers, shrubs, statuary, etc. The ProCurve System’s ergonomic design speeds the cleaning process and reduces fatigue.

Regular Pack Quantity 12.

Item Description Size UPC Ready to Buy
102512 ProCurve Squeegee 12 in / 30 cm 039932025126


102518 ProCurve Squeegee 18 in / 45 cm 12 039932025188


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