Deck-O-Bag – 7″ Deck Stain Applicator 4-pc. Kit

Woodmates® 7″ Deck Stain Applicator & Mesh Drying/Storage Bag

  • Designed for smaller simpler decks, stairs, etc..
  • Non-replaceable tear-resistant pad for use with water based stains
  • Edging guides provide clean, crisp edges and keep stain off siding
  • Attaches to Mr. LongArm telescopic extension pole for ease of use

Woodmates® Contour Stain Applicator & Replacement Pad

    • Tear-resistant pad flexes in and out to easily stain contoured surfaces such as spindles, rails and balusters
    • Soft touch grip areas for secure handling and barrier prevents stain from leaking through pad and onto hands
    • For use with water or oil-based deck sealer or stain
    • Hook and loop pad attachment method for faster clean up and easy pad replacement
    • Extra Contour pad included


($5 per item shipping)

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Mr. LongArm’s Woodmates® deck stain applicators have revolutionized deck staining. The innovative, award winning Woodmates® products provide everything you need to stain deck boards, balusters, rails and spindles. Woodmates takes the challenge out of maintaining outdoor living spaces that are such an important part of our homes. Proprietary Flextech® hygroscopic, tear-resistant foam pads hold and release more stain than other pads and help prevent dripping and pooling.

The Woodmates® 7″ deck stain applicator kit includes the tools you need for a beautiful deck. Complete with a handy mesh storage bag!  The 7″ applicator sails over even the roughest deck boards and edging guides provide clean, crisp edges and keep stain off siding. The contour deck stain applicator flexes in and out to easily stain balusters, rails, spindles and other contoured surfaces. The contour’s hook and loop pad attachment makes it easy to clean up or replace the pad and the kit comes with an extra replacement pad.


Water based paints and stains clean-up with soap and water. Use mineral spirits for oil based finishes then follow up with soap and water. After washing, squeeze out all remaining water and let dry before next use. Dry and store in the handy mesh storage bag.

Join the Woodmates revolution!

Check out our YouTube video for more information on the Deck-O-Bag Kit.

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