Picking a Telescoping Extension Pole

What Pole Do I Need?

No company offers the depth of selection when it comes to telescoping extension poles that Mr. LongArm does. Since our poles come in a variety of lengths, weights, and locking mechanisms we figured a quick guide could help with selecting the right pole for your next project. For any questions be sure to contact Mr. LongArm customer service.

Pick this Mr. LongArm 3-section extension pole if you need to paint a 2-story home.

Picking the Best Extension Pole for the Project

How do you “Pick the Right Pole for your Project”? If you look through our product catalog you’ll be inundated with the breadth of our extension pole product lines.  Different lengths, materials, threaded ends, fluted, fixed length – the list of options goes on and on. We realized that up till now we’ve never really done a guide to answer the question: how do you decide which one will best fit your needs?