invent extension pole

Optimizing Human Performance for 60 Years and Counting

Sixty years ago, R.D. Newman, was out on a sales call in Wichita KS. While walking inside he saw the store owner and an employee trying to tape a paint roller to a heavy piece of steel conduit. As the legend goes, the store owner retorted, after a friendly ribbing by R.D., “If you can make something better, Newman, I’ll buy it!”. The wheels of invention began to turn.  A few months after returning home, with the help of his wife Mimi,  R.D. had designed and invented the very first telescopic extension pole!


most versatile multi tool

History’s Most Versatile Tool?

From the beginning of time, mankind has evolved to thrive in our environment. What we lacked in stature, we made up for with tools, and specifically for things outside of our immediate grasp. Some tools are designed for particular jobs, while others can be broadly used to accomplish a myriad of different tasks. Take a moment and do a personal inventory of the tools in your garage or shed. Which would you consider the most versatile multi tool?


Mango Salsa

The Official Recipe for the MLA “Mango Salsa” Video

MANGO SALSA: If you haven’t watched Patricia’s harrowing tale of blood, sweat and salsa, head over to our YouTube page and watch. While you’re there Like Subscribe and Comment for a chance to win some fabulous prizes. After a long day of getting it done Faster. Safer. Easier you deserve a quick easy-to-make snack. Nothing is as refreshing as fresh fruits and vegetables so why not throw a bunch of them into the same bowl and eat them with some chips?


National Hardware Show 2014

National Hardware Show 2014 Wrap-up

by Maureen Newman

This year’s NHS 3 day event marked the 69th year that manufacturers and resellers of products were brought together under one roof…well, actually 2 roofs and an outdoor parking lot.  Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the line-up of exhibitors ranged from Home Improvement categories (like the painting tools MLA manufactures) to Lawn & Garden/Outdoor Living products (such as the hanging Wicker Chair that Linda Fore purchased after show hours then had to figure out how to haul back to KCMO).


Product Blog

Welcome to the Finish.Up. Blog!

Welcome to Mr. LongArm’s product blog! AKA: “The Finish.Up. Blog”, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to come and check out our new and improved website. We hope that between now and the time they take away our keyboards you’ll find something of use to help you in your endeavors.

The Finish.Up. Product Blog is our way to reach out and communicate with you, our customers and end-users. We want to provide you with useful information about our products. Teach you how to best use them to make efficient use of your time, and to gather feedback. This will come in the form of how-to guides, personal interest pieces, and even a video or two. If you’ve ever wondered how to properly use a paint edger, the best type of stain for your deck, or just want an inside look into an American manufacturing plant (a rare breed to be sure!) then you should check back with us periodically.

The mission of our product blog is to offer inspiration and to help you get tasks done Faster, Safer and Easier. We want to hear from you! If you want to see a certain how-to guide, or have a unique use for one of our products, we’d like to know! Send all your comments, ideas, and questions to us through our contact us page.

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