Video Guide – Window Washing Made Easy

Easily Wash Windows & Solar Panels like a Pro!

The best complete window washing system for the Professional or Do-it-yourselfer. Keeping your windows clean is easy with the Smart® DIY Deluxe Window & Solar Panel Cleaning Kit from Mr. LongArm. This video will show you how to use the different tools and proper technique. If you want to learn how to clean your windows and solar panels like a pro follow these tips and tricks. The kit shown in this video guide contains the tools you need to clean solar panels and windows like a professional. Easily wash windows including sunrooms, solariums and atriums. Allows the user to reach around any obstructions such as flowers, shrubs, statuary. Thanks to our extension poles, there is no need to risk injury on a ladder.

ProCurve® Extension Pole

The ProCurve extension pole has a body made of durable fluted fiberglass that is easier to hold when wet. Another benefit of fiberglass, it does not transfer heat or cold to your hands like competitor’s all aluminum extension poles. The special tapered adaptor and curved aluminum tube are the features that really set the ProCurve apart. The tapered adaptor’s snap ring allows ProCurve Squeegees and Washers to swivel freely while preventing them from falling off. This feature combined with the curved tube allows for easy manipulation of the tool handle’s movements.

HydraSoar® Flow-thru Extension Pole

The HydraSoar® flow-thru extension pole and soft brush expedites the cleaning process when a water supply is available. HydraSoar utilizes anodized aluminum to prevent rust while keeping the pole lightweight and easy-to-handle. Additionally, the insulated foam cover provides a more comfortable grip and better hold when the pole is wet.

Made in the USA

Both our HydraSoar Flow-Thru Water Fed pole and the Pro-Curve window cleaning pole are Made in the USA, meaning better quality and better results.

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