Smart™ Bulb Changer Combo – 0976

  • Replace burned out light bulbs as high as 11 ft safely from the ground
  • The smart bulb changer combo has no metal parts making it the safest bulb changer you can buy!
  • Won’t conduct electricity (120/240 voltage) if not contaminated with moisture, water or other conductive liquids.
  • Large, medium and small interchangeable suction cups to change flood light, spot light and incandescent bulbs
  • Quick release design easily breaks suction on bulbs
  • New lock clip feature keeps handles from loosening during use
  • Made in the USA
  • Full PDF Instructions Here



Mr. LongArm’s Smart Bulb Changer Combo is the perfect way to change high ceiling light bulbs. Included are 3 suction cup style bulb changers that will allow the user to change flood lights, spot lights, and LED/incandescent light bulbs. Also included is Mr. LongArm’s 3 to 6 ft. non-conductive light bulb extension pole. Unlike most competitor’s extendable poles, which are made of steel or have metal parts, our poles and slider tubes are made of fiberglass making them a safer option. All of the products included are Made in the USA.

*Sizes reflect the industry standard for extension pole lengths. For the most accurate sizes see chart below.Size includes attachment

Item Description Size Pack Qty. UPC Ready to Buy
0976 Smart Bulb Changer Combo 3.5-6.3 ft / 1.1-1.9 m 6 039932009768



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