Complete Light Bulb Changer Kit

    • Large, medium and small interchangeable suction cups to replace or remove floodlight, spotlight and standard-shaped incandescent/LED bulbs
    • Complete kit includes Mr.LongArm non-conductive 3 ft – 6 ft extension pole
    • Replace burned out light bulbs as high as 11 ft safely from the ground
    • Patented quick release design breaks the suction on the bulb quickly and easily
    • Lock clip feature keeps handles from loosening during use
    • Proudly made in the USA


($5 per item shipping)

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At Mr. LongArm we understand that there may not be a more frustrating task for a home or business owner than changing those hard-to-reach light bulbs. Changing high – ceiling bulbs normally requires lugging a cumbersome ladder through doors and hallways along with a dangerous climb up the aforementioned ladder. The entire process takes time and risks damaging walls and doors with the ladder.

Instead of using a ladder, take advantage of Mr. LongArm’s Complete Light Bulb Changer Kit. Included are three different suction cup style bulb changers that will replace or remove floodlights, spotlights, and standard-shaped incandescent/LED bulbs. The Kit also includes one of our non-conductive fiberglass extension poles. With an all fiberglass build this pole is durable yet lightweight.  While most of our competitors utilize aluminum or steel in their light bulb changers to cut costs, we do not so we can keep our kit completely non – conductive (120/240 voltage). Unless the extension pole becomes contaminated with moisture, water or other conductive liquids this is the safest way to change a light bulb currently on the market. Our famous chuck and collet locking system allows users to lock the pole at any length and is easy-to-use. Products in this kit are proudly made in the USA.

*BONUS: For a limited time we also will include a free microfiber cleaning cloth with every purchase to help wipe those bulbs down and promote better suction with our bulb changers.

*Light bulbs not included.

Full PDF Instructions Here
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