Mr. LongArm is a Leading Manufacturer of Telescoping Extension Handles & Extension Pole Attachments.

.Mr. LongArm Telescoping Extension PolesOur Headquarters and Production Facilities are located in Greenwood, Missouri; Assembly and Distribution Center is in Butler, Missouri.

Mr. LongArm was the first company to offer telescoping extension handles and we continue to lead the industry in their development. We utilize composite technology in the manufacture of tubing for extension poles and utility handles. Composite technology provides increased strength, durability, rigidity and versatility.

Painting with a Mr. LongArm extension pole is the fastest, easiest and safest way to paint. We offer the largest selection of extension poles and accessories that help you finish up tasks fast and stay on budget! From our shortest 1-2 ft poles to our longest 8-23 ft poles, thereโ€™s a pole to help you get to those hard-to-reach areas. Our product line-up includes many extension pole attachments including; painting, staining tools, window and solar panel cleaning equipment. We also offer cleaning brushes and accessories, bulb changers, letter changers, equine products and more.


We are committed to making as many products in the US as possible. All but one of our different telescoping pole series are made in the US. The imported extension pole series is the Twist-Lok Steel and Steel Utility Handle which we import from Italy. We manufacture numerous attachments such as Cleaning Brushes, Light Bulb Changers, Letter Changers and Squeegee Handles. We also manufacture accessories including; a Tapered Adaptor, Brush & Tool Holder, Angle Adaptor and Tool Storage Rack in the US. Many of our other attachments are imported or contain imported parts. Country of origin is marked appropriately on our packaging and our website product pages.


When R. D. Newman invented the first aluminum telescoping extension pole in 1958, he was fulfilling the needs of a customer. Now Mr. LongArm produces over 200 products that make life easier for professional and do-it-yourself painters, window washers and cleaners. Mr. LongArm has continued to prosper for over 65 years, due in great extent to its ability to listen to and meet the demands of its markets.

The idea for the first aluminum extension pole came to R. D. Newman while he was making a sales call on a paint business in Wichita in 1958. The owner and a paint contractor were struggling, trying to tape a paint roller frame to a piece of regular electrical conduit.

When Mr. Newman returned home, he started thinking of aluminum to replace the heavy and unwieldy electrical conduit. So in 1958, he formed the company that would become Mr. LongArm to start producing the first known aluminum extension poles. He and his wife started showing their telescoping poles at various trade shows and they were a big success.

Mr. LongArmโ€™s telescoping products have evolved over the years and our research and development departments continue to make great strides in product enhancements. Most of our telescoping extension poles have been straight and made primarily out of aluminum. However recent innovations have included the ProCurve system and the use of fiberglass in a wide variety of our poles.


The quality and dependability of our products are ensured by our involvement in all aspects of manufacturing. This includes the use of our own injection-molding, fiberglass pultrusion systems and brush making equipment. Early on we expanded our product line beyond just telescoping handles. We also manufacture and sell many attachments and other accessories for use with our extension poles.

Mr. LongArm, Inc. extension pole manufacturer, Butler facility.
Mr. LongArmโ€™s 40,000 square foot distribution center in Butler, Missouri.

Mr. LongArm products are sold in paint, home decorating and hardware stores across the U.S. and in over 50 foreign countries. Additionally, Mr. LongArm products are featured in the janitorial, sanitary supply, RV, and marine industries. Custom manufacturing and private labeling are also part of our firmโ€™s line of distribution.