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Letter Changers for Manual Signs & Marquees

Extension poles very well might be history’s most flexible tool. Consider all the different reasons people have to reach something up high. Window cleaning, painting, changing light bulbs, the list goes on and on. Included in that list is changing letters on a sign or marquee. Many gas stations and other businesses still utilize a manual letter marquee or sign. That is where our two types of letter changers come in handy.

Mr. LongArm letter changers and extension poles can save gas station or other business personnel from having to climb a ladder. In addition, most signs are pretty high off the ground and climbing a ladder exposes the user to potential falls that could lead to serious injury. Our products have a universal threaded end, meaning they fit almost any extension pole. Both sizes also have suction cups that are simple-to-use. Finally, our letter changers as well as corresponding long extension poles are Made in the USA for higher quality and dependability.

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