Paint Extension Poles

The Original Paint Extension Pole

Mr. LongArm has been designing and manufacturing paint extension poles since 1958. Along with our longevity, our combination of quality and innovation has led us to being a household name in the painting industry. That quality has led to professionals and DIYers using our extension poles for decades.

Smart Painting Tools

Through the years, Mr. LongArm has also developed attachments and other accessories to perfectly compliment our poles. These different attachments help painters knock out projects faster, easier, and safer. For example our Trim Smart Paint Edger allows painters to paint sharp, clean lines when edging around ceilings, baseboards, or windows. Thus solving a common headache painters have dealt with for years. That is just one of many examples of helpful tools in our paint line. Check out our Essential Painting Tools post to learn more about the must-have tools you need to complete your paint job.

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