For a long time if someone wanted to stain their deck they had to resort to using paint rollers and paint brushes. While both of these tools could get the job done, neither was ideal when it came to staining a deck. Finally, after decades of doing things the same way, Mr. LongArm took notice that DIYers needed better performing deck stain tools. Upon this realization, we created our Woodmates® line of stain applicators.

Our Woodmates® tools include six different types of stain applicators and Telewash water-fed pole/brush combo. Each stain applicator takes care of a different aspect of staining a deck. The 7 inch, 9 inch, and 12 inch  applicators attach to an extension pole and are for staining deck boards, with the latter two being able to also stain the cracks between boards. Meanwhile the Contour Stain Applicator is able to flex in or out to stain balusters, spindles, and railings effectively. Then there are the double-ended staining tool for getting small details and the Flex Core Applicator for staining uneven surfaces like fences. Finally, the Telewash is perfect for cleaning the wood of the deck or fence. Make wood staining simple with Woodmates ®.

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