Keep Your Customers Updated In Today’s Fast Paced World

The importance of keeping your customers notified quickly in today’s world is vital to your success. Whether you want to promote an event, a product sale, post new hours, or advertise for help wanted, reader board signs can play a huge role. The majority of your customers probably live within a ten to twenty mile radius of your business location. An informative sign or movie marquee can draw in your local customers and potential passerby’s as well.

Mr. LongArm Letter Changers and Extension Handles are a Fast, Easy Way to Keep Your Message Current.

Using a letter changer and extension handle is faster and safer than climbing a ladder to reach an elevated movie marquee or reader board sign. Let’s say you’re a grocery store manager who just got in a shipment of a hard-to-find product. You post your hard-to-find product on the internet. You also have an employee place the announcement outside on your sign using a letter changer and extension handle. Someone drives by, sees your sign and immediately calls their friends who live nearby. Boom! Customers flock inside and you’re sold out in no time.

Pro-Pole Fiberglass changing letters on a marquee


Conversely, another scenario could have turned out this way. You post your hard-to-find product on the internet. You ask an employee to change your reader board sign using a ladder. Employee falls off the ladder and you have to take him to the hospital. Now you’re short staffed. Customers line up for the purchases, wait much too long at checkout, get angry and post negative reviews. You now have angry customers AND you have to pay a workers compensation claim. Which scenario sounds better?

If you’re one of the savvy business owners or managers who have an old reader board sign in storage and have decided to put it back into use, you’ve made a great decision. Not only are they a great way to advertise, they offer a bit of nostalgia that digital just can’t compete with. Just be sure to check your existing letter changer for any damage and ensure it still has the flexibility to hold a letter. Due to the chemical composition of the rubber, the suction cups have a shelf life of around 2 years. If you want to learn more about how to use your letter changer, watch this video from our friends at National Readerboard Supply.

How to Change Sign Letters on Your Outdoor Sign
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