Rock Climbing at Muir Valley Nature Preserve

All of us at Mr. LongArm have always been intrigued by the many unexpected ways people use our extension poles. But there is none more exciting to us than Rock Climbing. Stick Clipping, to be precise. With the use of an extension pole and SuperClip or similar device, the climber is able to attach their rope to the first carabiner on the route without having to leave the safety of the ground. This is life-protecting gear for the climber as sometimes the first 15 feet of a climb are the most dangerous.

Rock Climbing at Muir Valley Preserve

In our journeys we have come across many rock climbers who were using our extension poles for this purpose. So, when approached by Friends of Muir Valley about a possible donation of extension poles, we were very happy to help with a donation of our Alumiglass poles. If youโ€™re not familiar with Muir Valley Nature Preserve and Climbing Area, it is located in the Red River Gorge area of Kentucky.

Muir Valley and Bluegrass Climbing School
Photo Credit: Bluegrass Climbing School

About Muir Valley

Muir Valley Preserve
Photo Credit: Kate Gilles

The preserve is approximately 360 acres in size, walled in by over seven miles of majestic cliffs of hard Corbin Sandstone that range in height from 20 feet to over 200 feet. Waterfalls, caves, and mountain streams add to the natural beauty. Mountain laurel, rhododendron, and many other species of wildflowers and plants grace the valley floor and hillsides.

Muir Valley Kentucky Hiker Project
Photo Credit: Kentucky Hiker Project

The Founders

Muir Valley was founded by Rick and Liz Weber, who purchased the land in 2004. The Weberโ€™s spearheaded the development of the rock climbing, and managed Muir Valley until March 2015. They then gifted the land to Friends of Muir Valley, the non-profit that now manages the preserve. Over 400 climbs โ€“ both trad and sport โ€“ provide a spectacular experience to visitors from all over the world.

Muir Valley Rock Climbing
Photo Credit: Muir Valley Photographer


The Friends of Muir Valley members are committed to creating an inclusive experience for all visitors. In the spirit of community, they celebrate and advocate for all people regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, or age. There is no charge for admission to Muir Valley, just a daily parking fee.

Loaner Stick Clip Station

Muir Valley offers well managed trails, great signage, toilets, AND free stick clips to borrow for the day. Itโ€™s nice to know that Mr. LongArmโ€™s donation will be used for something so worthwhile.

Photo Credit: Emily Foster


Click this link for more information about Muir Valley Nature Preserve and Rock Climbing Area.

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