Cutting in with the Trim Smart Paint Edger

Cutting in using the Trim Smart Paint Edger

Cutting in is the final prep you do before painting an entire wall. You are basically outlining the area where you will be painting and getting any tight areas you can’t get with a roller. You’ll be painting the ceiling line, wall edges, corners and above baseboards. You will also want to paint around window and door trim, electrical outlets, light switches and heating and cooling vents.

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Rock Climbing at Muir Valley

Rock Climbing at Muir Valley Nature Preserve

All of us at Mr. LongArm have always been intrigued by the many unexpected ways people use our extension poles. But there is none more exciting to us than Rock Climbing. Stick Clipping, to be precise. With the use of an extension pole and SuperClip or similar device, the climber is able to attach their rope to the first carabiner on the route without having to leave the safety of the ground. This is life-protecting gear for the climber as sometimes the first 15 feet of a climb are the most dangerous.

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Reader board sign and letter changer

Keep Your Customers Updated In Today’s Fast Paced World

The importance of keeping your customers notified quickly in today’s world is vital to your success. Whether you want to promote an event, a product sale, post new hours, or advertise for help wanted, reader board signs can play a huge role. The majority of your customers probably live within a ten to twenty mile radius of your business location. An informative sign or movie marquee can draw in your local customers and potential passerby’s as well.

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painting tools

Essential Painting Tools

About the author: Abdullah Riaz is a writer, who alongside content writing, also takes part in fiction writing. He has already been published in a book as one of the winners of a fiction writing contest. In addition to writing, he also has experience with all sorts of research, particularly in IT-related fields. He has always been a fan of writing and learning about new topics. Outside writing, you’ll find him spending time with his dog, Terry.

by Abdullah Riaz

Paintwork is essential for every space, whether it be your office, school, home or outdoor decking. It is in your best interest that they look fresh and maintained. Before you begin painting your walls, you need to be equipped with the right tools required for the job. Having every tool sorted and planned will save you a trip to the store in the middle of painting when you realize you might have forgotten something. A good plan of all essential tools will also save you from overspending on equipment that may not be necessary.

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Why stain a deck?

Staining a Deck Step-by-Step with Woodmates® Applicators

Do you have a tired looking deck out back that looks like it’s seen better days? It’s probably time to give it a fresh stain. Staining your deck will certainly make it easier on the eyes as well as protect the wood from warping. When it comes to deck staining, Mr. LongArm has created multiple products in our Woodmates line that can solve every problem that a DIYer could encounter. For this guide we will assume you have already decided that the deck needs staining. Also, be warned that the weather plays a significant part in this project. To achieve the very best results you need about 72 total hours (3 days) without rain if you are going to do everything in as short a period of time as possible. Without further ado (before it rains) let us start with preparing the deck.

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How to stain a picnic table with the Deck-O-Bag 7" Deck Stain Applicator Kit

How to Easily Stain a Picnic Table with Woodmates®

Mr. LongArm designed Woodmates stain applicators with decks and fences in mind. But Woodmates applicators are also highly effective when it comes to other staining projects such as wooden outdoor furniture. To illustrate this and show how flexible these tools can be, let’s look at Mr. LongArm’s new picnic table. Recently we acquired a brand new picnic table for our outdoor break area. It needed a coat of stain, not only for good looks but also to protect it. The harsh Missouri weather can really do a number on untreated outdoor wood items. Without further ado let’s look at how to stain a picnic table with our many Woodmates Stain Applicators.

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How to stain a small deck with Mr. LongArm's Deck-O-Bag

How to Stain a Small Deck with Woodmates®

Want to know how to stain a small deck? Many first-time homeowners or young families will purchase a home with a smaller wooden deck that is in less-than-ideal condition. While it might not require replacement or new lumber, that old deck needs something to bring it back to life. That something is a good cleaning and a fresh coat of stain. Staining a small deck is a relatively easy DIY project that doesn’t cost much or take a long time. Mr. LongArm has the perfect products to get you started and make this task much easier.
*A typical small starter deck is around 12 x 12 feet or smaller.

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Getting the Boat Ready for Summer

How to Detail your Boat in 9 Simple Steps

Fellow boaters, its spring, which means it is time to get the boat ready for summer. First off, I understand parts of the country have been taking the boat out all winter long. Humor me here okay, us Midwesterners are not quite as fortunate as you all. Now let us get this out of the way, cleaning off the boat after a long winter of it sitting around getting filthy both inside and out is not an enjoyable task, but unfortunately it is necessary. And yes, us recreational boaters are always finding ways to bypass deep cleaning, but ultimately if you want to enjoy the boat this summer we have the best way to make cleaning it easier.

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Light Bulb Changer for small, medium & large bulbs.

How to change recessed and other style light bulbs with Mr. LongArm’s bulb changers.

Simply put, it’s relatively easy to change a recessed light bulb, everyone knows that. However, introduce vaulted ceilings or any other added elevation and this simple task goes from 0 to 100 quickly. Many people get up on a ladder to change these bulbs, unfortunately this adds unnecessary risk. Luckily for all you fans of light bulbs Mr. LongArm has safe, easy-to-use solutions to help. We manufacture non-conductive extension poles and several light bulb changers. Let’s run down these products and give a quick guide on how to use them.

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Daytona 500

Extension Poles & The Daytona 500

February doesn’t just mean spending too much money on Valentines Day or Super Bowl parties. February also marks the annual return of the NASCAR Cup Series. NASCAR’s most important and prestigious event of the year: “The Daytona 500.” Often referred to as “The Great American Race” and the “Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing”. It is annually the most viewed race on TV in the United States and highest attended NASCAR race.

So what does The Daytona 500 have to do with Mr. LongArm? Well, to put it bluntly, many nascar pit crew tool boxes include Mr. LongArm products. Our extension poles will be everywhere on pit row Sunday helping crews and drivers in a myriad of ways. In honor of the Daytona 500 and racing season being back, let’s take a quick look at some of the uses and poles that one might expect to see.

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Window Cleaning Extension Pole cleaning a solar panel

Keep Your ‘Green’ Home Improvements Running at Peak Efficiency

If you’re like many homeowners and businesses, you want to keep your ‘green’ home improvements running at peak efficiency. You have recently made improvements to lessen your impact on the environment. And while you’ve already taken big strides toward saving energy – and money – you want to conserve even more. Whether you recently outfitted your home with solar panels or invested in new lighting. Installed a new heating system or water heater, here are some tips to make sure you are saving energy at the highest capacity.

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washing an rv

Easy 6 Step Process to Wash your RV like a Pro

RVs have become a popular social-distancing choice for a safe and enjoyable family vacation. But, like, cars or boats, it is important to wash your RV frequently. Proper cleaning will protect it and keep it looking new. Especially if you make the effort to completely detail the exterior a couple times a year.

Washing and waxing your RV will keep the gelcoat crisp and prevent it from fading too quickly, meaning your RV holds its value longer just in case you are looking to sell it in the future. You can spend a small fortune on a professional detailer each time you do it or you can save some money for more enjoyable things by taking advantage of a few of Mr. LongArm’s products. Also, cleaning an RV yourself can be an oddly enjoyable task and affords a sense of accomplishment when finished. Let’s get started.

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ADAPT-ABILITY: Different Types of Extension Pole Adaptors

Mr. LongArm Products Can Easily Adapt to Most Situations

With patented technology and a huge selection of attachments, and threaded ends, Mr. LongArm quickly adapts to nearly any situation to help professionals and do-it-yourselfers get the job done fast. Especially those jobs that are otherwise out of reach — from painting a ceiling and washing windows to changing light bulbs and dusting high ceiling fans.

Plastic Standard Threaded End

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Mr. Longarm eco friendly products

Mr. LongArm’s Green Initiatives

Like many successful companies, Mr. LongArm adopted green initiatives to make its business more sustainable and its products more eco friendly. Mr. LongArm employees love the great outdoors and our company has made it a goal to do everything we can to protect the environment. While Mr. LongArm strives to eliminate waste and save resources we know there is much more work to be done. We will continue in this pursuit and encourage other businesses to do the same. To learn more about how to become an eco friendly company and sustainability in business read this informative blog from CPD Online College All About Environmental Awareness in the Workplace.

The Most Important Initiative

Many companies manufacture items that are disposable. We make our products durable enough to stand the test of time. Typically our products last for many years but when they don’t we can provide the parts to repair them. Below is a message from a customer who contacted our Customer Service Department and received a replacement part for his 25 year old extension pole.

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How to Easily Organize Long Handled Tools

If you’re like me and most everyone else in the world who has been sheltering in place, you are probably obsessed with cleaning and organizing everything. My husband and I laugh about how clean our home is going to be a month from now. We have also started planning our garden which means we really need to organize the contents of our garage next, especially the garden tools and brooms that have been sitting in the corner for months now.

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Jeb with a Super Tab-lok with Lok-Thread

Extension Pole Threaded Ends: What is a Lok-thread and what does it do?

There is nothing worse than having to constantly retighten a tool that keeps spinning off an extension pole’s threaded end. For example, if you’re constantly having to stop painting a wall to tighten the roller frame back onto the pole. Another issue we have heard from customers happens when they are using a cleaning brush. The brush on the pole can come unscrewed. Both situations are annoying and waste valuable time for the user.

The Solution

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cleaning brushes

A Guide to Flow-Thru Brush Styles & Uses

Mr. LongArm flow-thru cleaning brush blocks have an opening that allows water to pass through to the filaments when used with one of our flow-thru extension poles. They are available in many styles to clean a variety of surfaces from wood and concrete to fine auto finishes and glass. Our brushes are made with the finest materials and attach to any standard threaded extension pole or flow-thru extension pole including our HydraSoar and TeleWash poles. All of our cleaning brushes are chemical resistant and contain more filaments than most other brushes.

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how to use a paint roller extension pole

10 Tips for Painting with a Mr. LongArm 3-Section Extension Pole

About the author: Mark Kirby is a homeowner who shared these helpful tips he learned while painting with a Mr. LongArm 3-section extension pole. Thanks for sharing these Mark!

How to Use a Paint Roller Extension Pole

by Mark Kirby

TIP #1 –

Do not over load the paint roller and always make sure the paint is evenly distributed on the roller. Less paint makes the pole less top heavy and makes the roller easier to control at long extensions. Lighter paint loading of rollers give better painting results and fewer runs and drips. Just be sure to avoid dry rolling which can cause an uneven paint job.

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ProPole paired with our lambs wool duster makes the best extendable duster

Long Range Dusting with Mr. LongArm

Its spring time here in the Midwest, which means we’ll have near perfect temperatures for about a week before the muggy summer heat descends on us. Great spring weather means opening the windows up and cleaning the house after a long winter (unless you live in Arizona or something, in which case this article applies for anytime of the year). While there are many chores that need to get done once the weather turns warm, one that we frequently see people not commit enough time to is dusting. Many will just wipe down a few tables or dressers and call it good, but dust is everywhere, and leaving it on your fan or other high spots can be the cause of those sneezing attacks that we all so commonly attribute to allergies. Luckily, Mr. LongArm has a couple of dusting attachments that can make reaching those higher spots a breeze, especially when combined with our extendable poles.

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Interior Design Tips

7 Practical Tips for Breathing a New Life into Old Homes

About the author: Mike Johnston is a home improvement blogger and DIY enthusiast from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and contributor on several interior design, lifestyle, real estate and eco-friendly blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful interior design tips that help and inspire people.

By Mike Johnston

People often tend to look at home renovation like a holy grail of all DIY projects. The prize you will get at the end of the journey is awesome, but the trouble you need to go through along the way makes the whole thing seem pointless. Here’s the good news, Sir Galahad – this quest is only as complicated as you want it to be and your good old home can get a breath of new life even with the slightest of efforts if you know where to put it. Here are a couple of interior design tips to help in your quest.

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great inventions

Optimizing Human Performance for 60 Years and Counting

About the author: Leigh Newman is Director of Facilities and Real Property at Mr. LongArm, Inc., Co-owner and Board of Directors Member

by Leigh Newman

Great Inventions Always Start with a Problem

Sixty years ago, R.D. Newman, was out on a sales call in Wichita KS. While walking inside he saw the store owner and an employee trying to tape a paint roller to a heavy piece of steel conduit. As the legend goes, the store owner retorted, after a friendly ribbing by R.D., “If you can make something better, Newman, I’ll buy it!”. The wheels of invention began to turn.  A few months after returning home and with the help of his wife Mimi, R.D. had designed and invented the very first telescopic extension pole!

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Interesting and Intriguing Uses for Mr. LongArm Extension Poles

Updated – 2023
With so many interesting uses for our products, manipulating objects outside of our reach has been an important part of the evolution of the “tool”. It may seem contrary to intuition but the extension pole as we know it didn’t exist before 1958 when R.D. Newman invented it. Before that human beings had to climb or hang or strain to reach higher. And since then we have found all sorts of uses and attached all sorts of apparatus to our extension poles. Mr. LongArm is forever dedicated to optimizing human performance.

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Deck Stain Applicators

Tips for Using Woodmates® Deck Stain Applicators

For a very long time DIYers had to use paint rollers and brushes for applying deck stain. Then, we came around and figured that there had to be a better way to go about staining your deck. We came up with the ultimate line of deck and fence stain applicators. While these deck stain applicators are straightforward to use, like many tools, there are always a few tips to make things easier. Luckily for you, after staining many a deck with our Woodmates applicators, our team has compiled a few of those tips to make using our stain applicators even easier.

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Pick this Mr. LongArm 3-section extension pole if you need to paint a 2-story home.

Picking the Best Pole for the Project

How do you “Pick the Right Pole for your Project”? If you look through our product catalog you’ll be inundated with the breadth of our extension pole product line.  Different lengths, materials, threaded ends, fluted, fixed length – the list of options goes on and on. With so many different extension poles to choose from we figured it would help to provide a guide.

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Window Maintenance

How-to Maintain Windows and Keep Costs Low

About the author: The following is a blog by Jenny Holt, a freelance writer and mother of two. She loves nothing more than getting away from it all and taking her Labrador, Bruce, for long walks.

by Jenny Holt

Windows are an important part of a home’s structure, they provide ventilation, insulate spaces and improve aesthetic appearance. They also need regular maintenance so they continue to make your home look good, but are also safe and secure.

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most versatile multi tool

History’s Most Versatile Tool?

From the beginning of time, mankind has evolved to thrive in our environment. What we lacked in stature, we made up for with tools, and specifically for things outside of our immediate grasp. Some tools are designed for particular jobs, while others can be broadly used to accomplish a myriad of different tasks. Take a moment and do a personal inventory of the tools in your garage or shed. Which would you consider the most versatile multi tool?

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Mango Salsa

The Official Recipe for the MLA “Mango Salsa” Video


MANGO SALSA: If you haven’t watched Patricia’s harrowing tale of blood, sweat and salsa, head over to our YouTube page and watch. While you’re there Like Subscribe and Comment for a chance to win some fabulous prizes. After a long day of getting it done Faster. Safer. Easier you deserve a quick easy-to-make snack. Nothing is as refreshing as fresh fruits and vegetables so why not throw a bunch of them into the same bowl and eat them with some chips?

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The Urban Farmers using a fruit pole picker to harvest fruit

On Reinventing the Wheel

About the author: Mr. LongArm is proud to partner with The Urban Farmers, an all volunteer nonprofit whose mission is to help bring nutritious fresh produce to those less fortunate. The following is a blog from the groups co-founder, Siamack Sioshansi.

by Siamack Sioshansi

The tool that we use every day is readily available from any major hardware store. It comes with metal, fiberglass or wood handles at reasonable prices. This is the story of why we reinvented the fruit pole picker, and like all good stories it has a surprising and heartwarming ending.

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why you should clean solar panels

The Importance of Keeping Photovoltaic Cells Clean

About the author: The following is a guest blog by Mary Sauer and If you are looking for remodeling projects to increase the value of your home, the folks at Modernize have some great ideas. Check them out!

by Mary Sauer

When you make an investment as large as installing solar panels on your home, taking the necessary steps to maintain and care for that investment is crucial.

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2014 National Hardware Show

2014 National Hardware Show Wrap-up

About the author: Maureen Newman is VP of Diversified Markets at Mr. LongArm, Inc., Co-owner and Board of Directors Member

by Maureen Newman

The 2014 National Hardware Show was a 3 day event and marked the 69th year that manufacturers and resellers of products were brought together under one roof. Well, actually 2 roofs and an outdoor parking lot. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the line-up of exhibitors ranged from Home Improvement categories (like the painting tools MLA manufactures) to Lawn & Garden/Outdoor Living products (such as the hanging Wicker Chair that Linda Fore purchased after show hours then had to figure out how to haul back to KCMO).

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How to Clean a Deck

Project Guide: How-to Clean a Deck

When was the last time you washed your outdoor deck or patio? From backyard BBQs and spring rain to family reunions and summer heat, our outdoor spaces can take a serious beating. If you’ve ever replaced or built a deck or patio you know it can be an expensive and time-consuming process. This guide will give you a quick rundown on how to perform a little maintenance now to save you a big headache in the future. If you want to learn how to clean your deck, you’ve come to the right guide.

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Deck Treatment

A Primer on Deck Treatment

Take a trip through your local hardware or paint store and you might be taken back by the wide variety of deck treating products on the market. What’s the difference between stain and a sealer? How do you know which product is right for your deck? This primer attempts to answer those questions. Let’s start at the biggest decision you’ll have in the deck treatment isle: “Do I seal or stain?” This choice is up to your preference, but they each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

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How to paint a closet.

Project Guide: How-to Paint a Closet

When you are in the throws of a remodeling spree it’s easy to bypass closets and leave them out of the makeover process. The humble closet has its own set of rules. It can be an extension of a room or an exciting pop of color. We’ll give you a list of needed supplies, and step by step instructions on how to paint your closet. This project is easy enough for a weekend, and can really change the entire look and feel of a living space.

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