Easy 6 Step Process to Wash your RV like a Pro

RVs have become a popular social-distancing choice for a safe and enjoyable family vacation. But, like, cars or boats, it is important to wash your RV frequently. Proper cleaning will protect it and keep it looking new. Especially if you make the effort to completely detail the exterior a couple times a year.

Washing and waxing your RV will keep the gelcoat crisp and prevent it from fading too quickly, meaning your RV holds its value longer just in case you are looking to sell it in the future. You can spend a small fortune on a professional detailer each time you do it or you can save some money for more enjoyable things by taking advantage of a few of Mr. LongArm’s products. Also, cleaning an RV yourself can be an oddly enjoyable task and affords a sense of accomplishment when finished. Let’s get started.


Park your RV in a shady spot away from direct sunlight. This will prevent the RV from drying too quickly before you get the chance to wipe it down and will also protect your cleaning chemicals.


Begin by spraying the vehicle with water to remove the grime and dust. You can do the entire RV or just spray each side and brush/dry it off in separate parts to prevent any water spots from forming.


Use the Mr. LongArm HydraSoar Extension Poles to apply your favorite car wash soap from rooftop to bottom. Use a Mr. LongArm soft blue brush for fiberglass and the roof or very soft green brush for gel/clear coat finishes. The HydraSoar extension poles make this job easier since they attach to a standard garden hose and water flows thru the pole and brush. But our brushes also fit regular extension poles and work equally well with a bucket.


Take advantage of our stiff brushes to wash the tires and wheel wells. They are stiff enough to get the dirt off, but soft enough to not to leave any scratches. Don’t use any harsh abrasives or pressure washers that may damage the surface of your RV. Once you rinse off all the soap on the tires and wheel wells, you’ll want to wipe them with a soft, dry cloth.


Glance over every spot and make sure the RV is completely dry.


Wax the RV: Most manufacturers recommend waxing your RV twice a year to help protect the exterior. To wax, apply a small amount of wax to a soft cloth and rub gently onto the exterior of your RV. Do this in the shade and make sure that all surfaces are clean and cool to the touch to avoid the wax drying out too quickly. For wax, soaps, or other washing chemicals a great place to look online is https://washproduct.com/

With the money saved from not paying a professional detailer you can now afford more Mr. LongArm products (just kidding)! In all seriousness, it’s time to step back, admire your handiwork, and get ready for that next big road trip!

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  1. A seamless vacation experience depends on proper maintenance of an RV, and Mr. Longarm offers some very wise advice. Pensacola RV Park Frequent cleaning schedules minimize possible problems in addition to improving the appearance. A key reminder for long-term durability is the emphasis on inspecting seams and seals. sage counsel for all RV enthusiasts!

    1. Mr. Longarm

      Thank you for your comment! We’re happy to share your info to help customers locate Pensacola RV Park. Remember us for any cleaning equipment needs you may have.

  2. Hi, I’m looking to purchase some good trailer cleaning products because my trailer has seen its fair share of road trips and outdoor adventures, and it’s in need of a deep clean. With the right products, I can restore its shine and keep it in top condition for future journeys. Also, I could use your tip on how to use our stiff brushes to clean the tires and wheel wells since they are strong enough to remove dirt but gentle enough not to scratch.

    1. Mr. Longarm

      Thank you for your comment, we’re glad you found the information helpful. I am not sure exactly what you meant about looking to purchase some product. If you are interested in purchasing our products for resale, I will ask our International Sales person to email information to you. If you are wanting to purchase some of our products for personal use, we will check for availability in your area and get back with you.

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