Mr. LongArm’s Green Initiatives

Like many successful companies, Mr. LongArm has been doing everything possible to make itself a more eco friendly company. Mr. LongArm employees love the great outdoors and our company has made it a goal to do everything we can to protect the environment. Mr. LongArm strives to eliminate waste and save resources to become a much more sustainable business. Typically our products last for many years but when they don’t we can provide the parts to repair them.

Here are some of the steps we’re taking:

Manufacturing & Shipping

    • We recycle plastic waste and various colors of material are reground and used for internal parts.
    • Pultrusion waste is kept minimal, generating far less than a gallon per day. Any waste is air-hardened and disposed of according to code.
    • Aluminum and steel scraps are sent to a scrap metal dealer for recycling including metal banding from pallets.
    • Our product packaging is eco friendly, both card stock and plastic clamshell, is recyclable.
    • MrLongArm breaks up older pallets received and gives them to our employees for upcycling.

  • We have replaced all our fluorescent warehouse and office lighting with energy efficient LEDs. Recycled used ballasts, fluorescent tubes and copper wire.
  • Installed motion sensor lighting where applicable.
  • Closely monitor electrical use. Machines have timers and are turned off when not in use and at night. Transformers and driers are also turned off at the end of shifts.
  • The Mr. LongArm factory observes healthy practices. There is no smoking, eating or drinking in the work area.
  • The factory is both heated and air conditioned for the health and comfort of our workers. Recently 4 new high-efficiency furnaces & air conditioners were installed in both the upstairs & downstairs Administration Building.
  • Filtered water is provided for employees in order to reduce the number of plastic water bottles that are used.
  • Outdated computers and electronics are recycled.
Corporate Offices & Sales
  • Collect paper, shreds it and sends it to a recycler.
  • Most printing happens in house, saving transportation costs, emissions and waste.
  • Recycle ink and toner cartridges.
  • Recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles.
  • Monitor electricity use with timers and meters.
  • Use recycled paper for office business.
  • Reuse boxes and packing materials as often as possible.
  • Recycle all kinds of batteries.

To learn more about how to become an eco friendly company and sustainability in business. Read this informative blog from Maryville University The Importance of Environmental Awareness When Running a Business.

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