Solar Panel Cleaning

ProCurve Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

Eco-Friendly Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

Moving forward more business and homeowners are investing in solar panels to increase sustainability and decrease traditional energy consumption. A dirty solar panel reduces its effectiveness by anywhere from 25% to 40% depending on location. Investing in solar panel cleaning equipment is the next step to maintain and care for solar panels. Mr. LongArm has designed the most effective solar panel cleaning equipment and tools on the market. We have everything you need to keep your solar panels clean and operating efficiently.

ProCurve System

The unique features of the ProCurve system make cleaning solar panels faster, safer and easier. The special tapered adaptor and curved aluminum tube are the features that really set the ProCurve apart. The tapered adaptor’s snap ring allows ProCurve Squeegees and Washers to swivel freely while preventing them from falling off. This feature combined with the curved tube allows for easy manipulation of the tool handle’s movements.

HydraSoar® Flow-thru Products

The HydraSoar® flow-thru extension pole and soft brush expedites the cleaning process when a water supply is available. HydraSoar utilizes anodized aluminum to prevent rust while keeping the pole lightweight and easy-to-handle. Additionally, the insulated foam cover provides a more comfortable grip and better hold when the pole is wet.

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