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Mr. LongArm has been helping painters extend their reach for well over 60 years. So it comes as no surprise that while helping painters, we noticed window cleaning professionals and DIYers could also use some help reaching new heights. Our window  cleaning tool selection all starts with our telescoping poles. Thanks to our poles, there is no need to risk injury on a ladder. Plus, we offer an incredible variety that includes our Hydrasoar Flow-Thru Water Fed poles, Pro-Curve line, and our traditional fiberglass poles. With different lengths available all the way up to 23 feet, there are no windows out of reach. Finally, our window cleaning extension poles are all Made in the USA, meaning better quality and better results.

In addition to our many telescoping extension poles, we also have a diverse array of window cleaning tools and attachments. Some of these window cleaning attachments we offer include multiple squeegees, microfiber wash sleeves, angle adaptors, and soft flow-thru brushes. Whether you are a professional or DIY window cleaner, Mr. LongArm has easy-to-use, durable, and above-all effective tools to help you finish up the job.

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