Dusters & Extension Poles Perfect for Ceiling Fans or Other High Access Areas

Keeping the interior of buildings free from dust is an important chore of every home and business. There are numerous health benefits of maintaining a dust-free home or business. Unfortunately, dust forms quickly and pretty much everywhere, making a seemingly straightforward task much more difficult. Oftentimes it will form in higher access areas that are hard-to-reach. With all of this in mind, Mr. LongArm dusting extension poles and attachments are the answer to reaching those aforementioned high access areas.

Our wide variety of extension poles mean there is a perfect option to pair with our dusters. Thanks to these poles, there is no need for a ladder or step-stool, reducing the risk of injury. In addition, we offer two different types of attachments. One attachment is made of lambswool and is ideal for ceiling fans or ledges. On the other hand, our Ostrich feather attachment works great for more intricate items such as chandeliers, wall adornments or even large plants. Never miss a spot again, thanks to Mr. LongArm dusting extension poles and attachments.

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