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Best Brushes on the Market!

If you want to keep your car, truck, RV, or other large vehicles clean, Mr. LongArm has the extension poles and brushes to do it. Choose from our multitude of truck and bus brush poles to get the right one for your situation. In contrast, most of our competitors just offer one pole and say it works great for everything. We also differentiate from the competition with our metal lok-thread. Our lok-threads keep attachments from unscrewing mid-use, a common issue when someone is hard at work cleaning their RV or truck.

Thanks to our RV cleaning brushes you can keep your rig looking brand new without scratching any surface. Every brush also has a flow-thru channel, and attaches to our flow-thru poles so users can apply cleaner or water while scrubbing. Plus, our six different cleaning brushes are color – coded to easily let the user know which brush works best with which surface type. In addition, our brushes are both flat or bi-level to make it physically less demanding for users. The flat brushes work great for horizontal cleaning and the bi-level brushes are best for cleaning vertical surfaces. No matter what vehicle you need to clean, Mr. LongArm has the tools to help you get it done faster, safer, and easier.”

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