Light Bulb Changing

Light Bulb Changing
Safest Bulb Changing Solution!

At first glance changing a light bulb does not seem like a difficult task. But, a lot of lightbulbs are not in easy places to reach. Quite a few homes and businesses have difficult and awkwardly located light bulbs located both on the interior and exterior. Luckily for homeowners and business owners, Mr. LongArm took notice that our extension poles would be perfectly suited to changing light bulbs. We came up with a two and three section pole that is made of fiberglass with a plastic threaded end. Since there is no metal in the pole, it is completely non-conductive unless it is contaminated by moisture, water, or some other liquid. No other company can tout a non-conductive extension pole.

Next up, we created multiple light bulb changing attachments that would fit any type of bulb. Our three suction style changers are also non – conductive and in different sizes to fit different light bulbs. In addition to the suction-cup style changers, there is also our heavy-duty “finger” bulb changer. It flexes out to grasp exposed light bulbs then closes firmly around them. It should be noted that our heavy-duty bulb changer does utilize a metal spring that could conduct electricity, so be sure to turn lights off when using it.

Made in the USA Quality and Pride

Finally, unlike most of our competitors, our light bulb changers and non-conductive extension poles are Made in the USA. We are committed to making as many products stateside as possible and in doing so we produce a higher quality product.

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