How to change recessed and other style light bulbs with Mr. LongArm’s bulb changers.

Simply put, it’s relatively easy to change a recessed light bulb, everyone knows that. However, introduce vaulted ceilings or any other added elevation and this simple task goes from 0 to 100 quickly. Many people get up on a ladder to change these bulbs, unfortunately this adds unnecessary risk. Luckily for all you fans of light bulbs Mr. LongArm has safe, easy-to-use solutions to help. We manufacture non-conductive extension poles and several light bulb changers. Let’s run down these products and give a quick guide on how to use them.


Smart Bulb Changer Kit
Changes floodlight, spotlight and incandescent bulbs.

1. The Smart Bulb Changer Kit has large, medium and small interchangeable suction cups to remove and replace floodlight, spotlight and standard-shaped incandescent/LED bulbs. To change cups pull the lock clip at the top of the handle out and the cup and pin will lift off the top of the handle. Now insert the desired cup size and replace the lock clip. Be sure not to lose the pin as it controls the suction when using the bulb changer.

2. Typically the small red cup is for changing standard-shaped incandescent bulbs, the medium blue cup is for changing spotlights. The large yellow cup is for changing floodlights and larger spotlight bulbs.

Smart bulb changer illustration



3. The next step will be to attach the bulb changer handle to an extension pole. Our Complete Bulb Changing Kit includes one of our non-conductive extension poles. The pole will have a hole drilled through the threaded end to accept a lock clip which keeps it from loosening during bulb removal. Just tighten down the bulb changer handle by screwing it on clockwise, making sure the hole in the bottom of the handle aligns with the hole in the threaded end on the pole and insert the lock clip.

4. If not using one of our non-conductive poles just be sure to tighten down the handle by screwing it on clockwise, very firmly to avoid having it unscrew when removing light bulbs. Mr. LongArm’s heavy duty poles do have a lok-thread which will keep the bulb changer handle from loosening if it is firmly screwed down.



Large Suction Cup
Slightly moisten the suction cup to attain a good suction.

5. Adjust the extension pole to the height needed to comfortably reach the bulb. Now make sure the inside of the cup is clean, we suggest wiping it down with a damp cloth. The moisture will also help with getting a good suction on the bulb. Make sure the pin is engaged so the hole in the cup is closed or you might not get suction on the bulb.

6. Align the bulb changer directly below the bulb and lift it up to the bulb and push to attain suction. Once there is good suction unscrew the light bulb by turning it to the left and carefully lower the bulb. To release the suction hold the bulb and cup and pull down on the handle, this will disengage the pin and the bulb will release.


7. Now it is time to put the new bulb in place. While holding the lightbulb, push the changer up on it to attain suction. Check to make sure its secure and raise the bulb up to the fixture. Screw the bulb in place by turning it to the right, do not over-tighten it. To release the suction pull down on the handle, this will disengage the pin and the bulb will release.

8. Sometimes it is possible to encounter a bulb that has corroded in place or one that has been over-tightened. These bulbs may require removal by hand and then you can install the new bulb with your bulb changer.


Mr. LongArm’s Smart Bulb Changers provide an easy way to change recessed and other light bulbs. For more information check out our video guide and never risk injury climbing a ladder to change a light bulb again.
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