How to Detail your Boat in 9 Simple Steps

Fellow boaters, its spring, which means it is time to get the boat ready for summer. First off, I understand parts of the country have been taking the boat out all winter long. Humor me here okay, us Midwesterners are not quite as fortunate as you all. Now let us get this out of the way, cleaning off the boat after a long winter of it sitting around getting filthy both inside and out is not an enjoyable task, but unfortunately it is necessary. And yes, us recreational boaters are always finding ways to bypass deep cleaning, but ultimately if you want to enjoy the boat this summer we have the best way to make cleaning it easier.


Hose the exterior of the boat down first,

but be sure to keep the cover on over the interior to keep it from getting soaked. This first step cannot be overdone enough as it is likely the boat has built up a considerable layer of grime while in storage all winter.

Hose the exterior of the boat down first.
Scrub the boat with marine specific soap according to manufacturer’s instructions.

“Boat soap” can be found in almost all RV and Marine Stores. This is where we will shamelessly plug our flow-thru brush Model #’s 0404, 0405, 0480 or 0483 brush paired with our HydraSoar Water – Fed Extension Pole, Model #8506. With this pole/brush combination apply the soap mix to the exterior of the boat. Thanks to the HydraSoar it will be easy to reach all spots, even on larger vessels. See our Guide to Flow-Thru Brush Styles & Uses for more info on choosing the right flow-thru brush.

Getting the Boat Ready for Summer
With this pole/brush combination apply the soap mix to the exterior of the boat.
Attach the hose to the HydraSoar Extension Pole and take advantage of its flow through feature to simultaneously rinse the boat and give it another good scrub down.

The brush will help with the harder to remove grime and dirt without scratching the surface. Once the boat has been thoroughly scrubbed and rinsed off, dry it off with some sort of soft cloth towel.

Getting the Boat Ready for SummerApply boat wax to the hull,

this will protect it from dirt and grime along with giving it a little extra shine. Use a microfiber towel to buff off the wax as you work your way along the hull.

Getting the Boat Ready for Summer
Use a microfiber towel to buff off the wax as you work your way along the hull.


No matter how well covered your vessel is, dust and dirt WILL build up under the cover throughout the winter and early spring. It is also likely there will be a large amount of bugs to clean up under the cover as well, so be prepared to wage war on the boat interior. Mr.Longarm can help you get the interior of your boat ready for summer too.

Start by removing the carpeting off the deck.

A lot of boats will have carpet that is buttoned on to the fiberglass, if your boat has a permanent carpet on the top deck, just skip the next step and we will get to the carpet after.

Scrubbing the deck with Telewash
Start off by getting any removable carpeting off the deck.
Scrub the deck with a mix of boat wash and warm water,

or use deck cleaner, both will do the trick. To get the dirt and debris out of the nooks and crannies use a combination of the Mr. LongArm stiff brush Model #’s 0406 or 0488 and the #8680 Telewash pole or HydraSoar Water – Fed Extension Pole to apply the deck wash. Then dry the deck off with a soft cloth towel.

Getting the boat interior ready for summer
Scrub the deck with a mix of boat wash and warm water.


Vacuum the carpet you removed or the carpet that is in the boat permanently.

After vacuuming apply some stain remover to any spots that stick out. Finally, deep clean the carpet by using some type of all – purpose cleaner or boat carpet cleaner. Spread the cleaner according to manufacturer instructions using the same stiff brush and pole combo. Your back will thank me later when you opt to use the pole. Hose off the carpet once done and allow it to dry in the sun. You may also use a shop vacuum to expedite the process.

Finally, use dish soap and water to wipe off all the vinyl seating, then dry with yet another cotton towel.

After it is dry, apply some Vinyl and rubber cleaner/protectant, you can wipe the seats dry with paper towels here. The protectant will keep the seats looking new for longer and help prevent any mold or mildew from popping up.

Finish off the interior by wiping the windows down with some paper towels and window cleaner.

Ultimately, the key to cleaning your boat is having the right products and not skipping steps. Although that first spring cleaning of your boat is an arduous task, with the assistance of Mr. LongArm HydraSoar Extension Poles and our Flow Thru Marine Brushes your vessel will be looking brand new in no time.

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