Microfiber Wash Sleeves

  • Woven fiber sleeve with high water retention carries more cleaning solution
  • Non-shed fibers with non-slip rubber back and reinforced ends for longer life
  • Fits Mr. LongArm Wash Sleeve Bar
  • Made in the USA/Italy



Made of high quality acrylic microfibers, the material is soft and will not scratch the surface of the solar panels, yet is tough enough to remove hard, caked on particles such as bird droppings.  The fibers create high water retention within the sleeve, which increases efficiency. Unlike other inferior quality sleeves, these do not shed hairs, eliminating the need to go back and rinse or squeegee the surface.  The inside surface of the sleeve features a non-slip rubber backing with an elastic strap to prohibit the sleeve from slipping, and a snap lock which secures the sleeve to the wash bar.

Item Description Size Pack Qty. UPC Ready to Buy
0714 Microfiber Wash Sleeve 14 in / 35 cm 12 039932007146


0718 Microfiber Wash Sleeve 18 in / 45 cm 12 039932007184


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