How to Easily Organize Long Handled Tools

If you’re like me and most everyone else in the world who has been sheltering in place, you are probably obsessed with cleaning and organizing everything. My husband and I laugh about how clean our home is going to be a month from now. We have also started planning our garden which means we really need to organize the contents of our garage next, especially the garden tools and brooms that have been sitting in the corner for months now.

The Perfect Solution

Well now that we have the time, we are going to organize those garden tools, extension poles, brooms, and mops for good. There are a couple of options for organizing long handled tools; hanging them on the walls is one, but who wants to “decorate” the walls of their garage with long handled tools? Plus there is always the potential for the tools to fall off the walls and directly onto your vehicle, or worse, you. Another option could be leaving the tools in a pile in the corner of your garage, but this looks bad and picking up a tool in the back of the pile takes an unnecessary amount of effort. That brings us to the best option, using a standing floor tool rack.

We wanted a compact rack that would fit in the corner, since that’s where we were keeping all of our tools anyway! We found Mr. LongArm’s Tool Storage Rack to be the perfect solution. It can hold up to 24 long handled tools with a handle diameter of 1.375″ or less and only takes up 1-1/2 square feet of floor space.

Easy Assembly

The Tool Storage Rack was easy to assemble in a couple of minutes and is durable. If it gets dirty you can easily clean it up by taking it outside and hosing it off. All in all it really was the perfect solution for us and could be for you as well! Click here for more information about the Tool Storage rack.

Made in the USA

Mr. LongArm manufactures the tool storage rack right here in the United States. It made us feel really good knowing that we found a great product that helped us organize our garage and also helped keep jobs in the US.

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