What is a Lok-thread and what does it do?

There’s nothing worse than having to constantly retighten a tool that keeps spinning off while you are trying to use it. For example, if you’re constantly having to stop painting a wall to tighten the roller frame back onto the pole, or if you’re sweeping the garage floor and the broom head continually falls off the pole, it’s not only time consuming but irritating.  To solve this problem Mr. LongArm’s Heavy Duty and Professional extension poles come equipped with a special feature on our standard ¾” metal threaded ends.  It’s called a Lok-thread and was designed to prevent threaded tools from loosening during use. No more stopping what you’re doing; attach your tool and get to work!

These threads are considered “universal”, meaning any attachment tool that calls for “universal or standard” threaded ends should* fit our extension and non-extending poles.  If you are attaching a Mr. LongArm tool, such as our flow-through brush head, you might note that the brush does not screw on all the way to the bottom; that is perfectly acceptable.  The Lok-thread secured the fit and you’re good to go.

*There are products out there that claim to be “standard” or “universal” – if they are not made in the USA, there is a likelihood the attachments are not consistent in diameter.