Mr. Longarm is an eco friendly company

Mr. LongArm’s Green Initiatives

Like many successful companies, Mr. LongArm has been doing everything possible to make itself a more eco friendly company. Mr. LongArm employees love the great outdoors and our company has made it a goal to do everything we can to protect the environment. Mr. LongArm strives to eliminate waste and save resources to become a much more sustainable business.

The Most Important Initiative

Many companies manufacture items that are disposable. We make our products durable enough to stand the test of time. Typically our products last for many years but when they don’t we can provide the parts to repair them. Below is a message from a customer who contacted our Customer Service Department and received a replacement part for his 25 year old extension pole.

“Hi Customer Service,

I received the replacement parts for my Mr LongArm that you sent.  I installed the problem part.  The extension pole is working again.

Thank you for your help.  You solved my problem.  I’ll add that I am impressed that you could provide parts for a tool that is probably 25 years old.  Even more so that this service was essentially free to me.  This level of support for a product is almost non-existent today.

Your representative was as helpful as could be when I contacted Mr LongArm with my problem.  Again, great support!”

– P.N., October 30, 2023

Additional Steps We’re Taking:

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