Optimizing Human Performance for 60 Years and Counting

Sixty years ago, R.D. Newman, was out on a sales call in Wichita KS. While walking inside he saw the store owner and an employee trying to tape a paint roller to a heavy piece of steel conduit. As the legend goes, the store owner retorted, after a friendly ribbing by R.D., “If you can make something better, Newman, I’ll buy it!”. The wheels of invention began to turn.  A few months after returning home, with the help of his wife Mimi,  R.D. had designed the very first telescopic extension pole!

Since that day, Mr. LongArm has grown from a small garage-based operation to an international manufacturing company. Located in the Midwest, we understand the value in a hard day’s work–our products are engineered with this in mind! Whether you are a professional painter or a DIYer, be assured that when you grip a Mr. LongArm handle, you are using a quality tool; made in America by an American workforce.

We have continually pushed the evolution of tools used in the Painting, Janitorial/Sanitary Supply, Window Washing, RV, and Marine industries. Plus we’ve pioneered and developed the exterior wood staining category! As green energy began to take off Mr. LongArm was there with our line of Solar Panel Cleaning Kits.

From our original model, to now over fifty different extension pole styles and over one hundred unique attachments, we are sure to have a product for your specific project needs.  Our products fuel ingenuity and invention in a host of applications.

2018 marks 60 years since we produced the first ever telescopic extension pole, and we have no intentions of quitting any time soon!  This year we will bring to market several new, highly innovative products. We are exploring the digital space with guides and how-to videos.  Mr. LongArm is becoming more outgoing via Social Media and through our philanthropic outreach to a wider global community.

Be sure to check back with us throughout the year, as there will be some announcements and other fun things we would like to share with you during our 60th anniversary celebration! Until then, all of us at Mr. LongArm want to thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to serving our various paint & hardware communities for many more years to come.


Leigh Newman

Director of Marketing,
Co-owner, Board of Directors Member