History’s Most Versatile Tool?

From the beginning of time, mankind has evolved to thrive in our environment. What we lacked in stature, we made up for with tools, and specifically for things outside of our immediate grasp. Some tools are designed for particular jobs, while others can be broadly used to accomplish a myriad of different tasks. Take a moment and do a personal inventory of the tools in your garage or shed. Which would you consider the most versatile multi tool?


Though simple in design, Mr. LongArm can help you overcome numerous obstacles. Prior to R.D. Newman’s invention of the telescopic extension pole (in 1958), people had to grasp, strain and jump for things that were just out of reach. Iron and ceramic were too heavy to use in assisting with any prolonged task. But with the advent of ultra-light materials, such as aluminum and plastics, all of that changed. Now you can work a full day without maneuvering up scaffolding or aching from hoisting up a paint brush taped to a lead pipe.

And this versatile tool doesn’t stop at painting. The truly innovative thing about the original Mr. LongArm is the ability to change tool heads. This allowed one pole to complete a multitude of tasks. With a quick turn of a threaded end you can go from painting a room to dusting a ceiling fan. Or go from staining your deck to washing windows or even a boat or RV.


Mr. LongArm Extension Poles & Extension Pole AttachmentsSince the invention of the first Mr. LongArm, we’ve crafted a full line of extension poles that vary in length and material. Our extension poles are not only versatile, but also particular. Some houses are taller than others and some jobs have to be done in tight spaces or under harsh conditions. In our online catalog we have grouped the proper extension pole (and adaptors) based on whatever task you are trying to complete. If you need guidance on getting started or maybe just want to try a new versatile tool to save time check out our product page.


So many of today’s innovations are digitally savvy and based around mobile devices. But some of the best tools are the simplest. Mr. LongArm isn’t overcomplicated. It doesn’t require batteries or cords or syncing through BlueTooth. It isn’t a tool of the future, it’s a tool for right now. It’s in the physical world helping you finish up tasks faster, safer and easier.

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