Long Range Dusting with Mr. LongArm

Its spring time here in the Midwest, which means we’ll have near perfect temperatures for about a week before the muggy summer heat descends on us. Great spring weather means opening the windows up and cleaning the house after a long winter (unless you live in Arizona or something, in which case this article applies for anytime of the year). While there are many chores that need to get done once the weather turns warm, one that we frequently see people not commit enough time to is dusting. Many will just wipe down a few tables or dressers and call it good, but dust is everywhere, and leaving it on your fan or other high spots can be the cause of those sneezing attacks that we all so commonly attribute to allergies. Luckily, Mr. LongArm has a couple of dusting attachments that can make reaching those higher spots a breeze, especially when combined with our extendable poles.

Twist-Lok paired with our feather duster makes a great extendable dusterFeather Duster

First on our list is the genuine ostrich feather duster. It’s perfect for dusting hanging light fixtures, plants and collectibles. The Ostrich Duster cleans up easily with soap and water.






extendable dusterLambs Wool Duster

Looking for something to knock the dust off your ceiling fans or get the cobwebs out of your corners? Our natural lambs wool duster with flexible spine is great for other hard-to-reach areas too! Again cleans up easily with mild soap and water so you can get years of use with one purchase.





Extension Poles

Both of our dusters are equipped to accept a standard threaded end, which are utilized by every Mr. LongArm extension pole. We offer a variety of poles for just about any job, and lengths ranging from 2’ – 23’! But to start you off, for lighter house work application we recommend the ProPole, or the Aluminum Twist-LokΒ 





microfiber cleaning and dusting clothMicrofiber Cloth

Mr. LongArm is your one stop shop for cleaning tools and we realize that sometimes the mess is within arms reach. For those jobs we offer the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Made for cleaning grease, grime and dirt with just plain water. And when you are through, just toss it in the washing machine with your regular load (but don’t use fabric softener).





With our two extendable duster attachments, microfiber cloth, and extension poles there is no dust you can’t reach. Our dusters can be found on Amazon and a number of other online retailers. Your local hardware store (such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards) is a great place to find a Mr. LongArm extension pole for the specific height requirement of your home. If you have any further questions please contact us via the Contact Us link in the navigation bar above or from our Facebook Page!

2 thoughts on “Long Range Dusting with Mr. LongArm

  1. Tony Lopes

    Hello, I have your 3-extension 25′ Mr Longarm pole. I’d like to find a cobweb cleaner head for it, but I don’t see one on your site and the one I got at Lowes does not fit – very frustrating.

    Can you guide me on how to know what will fit on this pole? Any recommended cobweb dusters?


    1. Mr. Longarm

      Thank you for your question Tony! Mr. Longarm does not currently have a duster specifically made for cobwebs, however our model #0730 Lambswool Duster will work well for that use. If you are searching for an item more specifically designed for cobweb dusting, then any attachment that accepts a US Standard Acme 3/4 thread, 5 threads per inch will be compatible with our extension poles. I would like to note that this particular model does have a metal threaded end, which utilizes our Lok-thread. It is there to insure that the attachment is tight on the pole and not accidentally threading off during use.

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