Welcome to the Finish.Up. Blog!

Welcome one and all!

This is the first post on the Mr. LongArm “Finish.Up. Blog”, and so we’d like to thank you for taking time to come and check out our new and improved website. We hope that between now and the time they take away our keyboards you’ll find something of use to help you in your endeavors.

The Finish.Up. Blog is our way to reach out and communicate with you, our customers and end-users. We want to provide useful information about our products, how to use them to make efficient use of your time, and to gather feedback. This will come in the form of how-to guides, personal interest pieces, and even a video or two. If you’ve ever wondered how to properly use a paint edger, the best type of stain for your deck, or just want an inside look into an American manufacturing plant (a rare breed to be sure!) then you should check back with us periodically.

We want to hear from you! If you want to see a certain how-to guide, or have a unique use for one of our products, we’d like to know! Send all your comments, ideas, e-post cards, pictures, links, and vlogs to info@mrlongarm.com.

The Finish.Up. Blog is here to help you get it done Faster. Safer. Easier.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Finish.Up. Blog!

  1. Craig Crawford

    Is there any way I can buy push lock rebuild parts any where , have two poles and push buttons wore out . Thanks

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