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We’ve revolutionized deck staining. The innovative, award winning Woodmates products provide everything you need from cleaning to staining – taking the challenge out of maintaining outdoor living spaces that are such important parts of our homes.

Our 12 in Premium Stain Applicator is our top of the line staining solution. Its extra wide pad stains two boards at once. The built in gap tool helps you easily reach hard to access spaces like between boards. The hook and loop system allows for quick and easy cleaning and reattachment of the tear-resistant foam pads. Woodmates are a winner of a 2010 GOOD DESIGN Award from the Chicago Athenaeum for product design.

Join the deck staining revolution. This is Woodmates. FINISH. UP.

  • Extra wide pad stains two boards in one pass so you finish twice as fast
  • Hook and loop pad attachment method for faster clean up and easy pad replacement
  • Proprietary Flextech® hygroscopic, tear-resistant foam pad holds and releases more stain than other pads and prevents dripping and pooling
  • Built in gap tool quickly stains both sides of board in one motion 180° swivel head and two detent locking positions
  • Front facing wrap up pad stains kickboards, raised edges and enclosed stair boards
  • Edging guides provide clean, crisp edges and keep stain off siding
  • For use with water or oil-based deck sealer or stain
  • Attaches to Mr. LongArm telescopic extension pole for ease of use


Item Description Size Pack Qty. UPC
0350 12 in Premium Stain Applicator 12 in (30cm) 4 039932003506
SL Roller

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