How to stain a picnic table with the Deck-O-Bag 7" Deck Stain Applicator Kit

How to Easily Stain a Picnic Table with Woodmates®

Mr. LongArm designed Woodmates stain applicators with decks and fences in mind. But Woodmates applicators are also highly effective when it comes to other staining projects such as wooden outdoor furniture. To illustrate this and show how flexible these tools can be, let’s look at Mr. LongArm’s new picnic table. Recently we acquired a brand new picnic table for our outdoor break area. It needed a coat of stain, not only for good looks but also to protect it. The harsh Missouri weather can really do a number on untreated outdoor wood items. Without further ado let’s look at how to stain a picnic table with our many Woodmates Stain Applicators.

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