Rack-n-Paint™ Multi-Purpose Door Rack – 1525

  • Holds up to 16 doors in less than 10’x10′ area
  • Allows one person to prep, paint, and install hardware
  • Keeps doors organized and out of harms way!
  • Download instructions here.


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The Rack-n-Paint™ Multi-Purpose Door Rack is our labor efficient work center. The Rack-n-Paint makes it easy for one person to prep, paint and install hardware on up to 16 doors.
“Now you can set up your own highly efficient work center for painting doors. We have found that this system reduces door prep and painting time by over 50% and requires 50%-75% less work.” – Mike Whitney, Professional Painter & Inventor

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1525 Rack-n-Paint™ Multi-Purpose Door Rack 1 039932015257



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