The World’s Leading US Manufacturer of Quality
Extension Poles & Accessories

Company Profile

Mr.LongArm, Inc. has manufactured extension poles and hardware products since 1958. As the first company to offer telescoping extension poles, we continue to lead the industry in their development. We utilize composite technology in the manufacture of tubing for extension poles that provides increased strength, durability, rigidity and versatility. Our product line-up includes painting and staining tools, window and solar panel cleaning equipment, cleaning brushes and accessories, bulb changers, letter changers, equine products and more.

Mr. LongArm's headquarters are located in Greenwood, Missouri, a small town just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. We also operate a distribution center in Butler, Missouri and an international warehouse in Katwijk, Netherlands. We are proud to be a “Made in America” company with the vast majority of our products manufactured right here in the heartland.


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