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Company Profile

Mr.LongArm, Inc. has manufactured telescopic extension poles and hardware products since 1958. As the first company to offer telescoping extension poles, we continue to lead the industry in their development. We utilize composite technology in the manufacture of tubing for extension poles that provides increased strength, durability, rigidity and versatility.

Painting with a Mr. LongArm extension pole is the fastest, easiest and safest way to paint. We offer many styles of poles and paint accessories that help you get the job done fast and stay on budget! From our shortest 1-2 ft poles to our longest 8-23 ft poles, there’s a pole to help you paint those hard-to-reach areas. Our product line-up also includes staining tools, window and solar panel cleaning equipment, cleaning brushes and accessories, bulb changers, letter changers, equine products and more.


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