Mr. LongArm Lazy Joe® Brush Wrapper – 1500

  • Vapor barrier foil keeps loaded paint brushes fresh and ready to paint for hours, days, even weeks
  • Better than plastic bags, plastic wrap or aluminum foil. No need for refrigeration
  • Less mess, easy to use and reuse. Zip closure seals around brush handle to keep it free of paint and ready to use.
  • For most latex and oil based paints or stains
  • Fits most 4″ paint brushes and other applicators


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Lazy Joe wrappers solve the age-old problem of how to keep paint tools fresh during interruptions to the painting process. Whether it’s a quick break, a phone call or quitting time for the day instead of spending time cleaning up paint tools, the user simply seals them in a brush or roller wrapper until they can resume their painting job. The wrappers are constructed of patented vapor barrier foil and have a zip closure making them a better alternative to plastic bags, plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Refrigeration is not required so the original paint composition is preserved and there is no need to thaw or warm up paint tools. Simply place a fully loaded paint brush or roller into the wrapper and tightly seal it around the tool handle. Mark the date and color or job number in the handy label area.

Tools stay fresh for hours, days, even weeks and fewer clean-ups extend brush and roller cover life. Fewer clean-ups also mean less paints and solvents enter the water system, making the wrappers an environmentally friendly product.

Regular Pack Quantity 100.

Item Description Size UPC Ready to Buy
1500 Brush Wrapper 6.5 x 7 in / 16.5 x 18 cm 039932015004




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