The Ever-Expanding List of Interesting and Intriguing Uses for Mr. LongArm Extension Poles

The Ever-Expanding List of Interesting and Intriguing Uses for Mr. LongArm Extension Poles

Manipulating objects outside of our reach has been an important part of the evolution of the “tool”. It may seem contrary to intuition but the extension pole as we know it didn’t exist before 1958 when we invented it. Before that human beings had to climb or hang or strain to reach higher. And since then we have found all sorts of uses and attached all sorts of apparatus to our extension poles. Mr. LongArm is forever dedicated to optimizing human performance.

Below are just a few of the more interesting uses for our products sent to us by our fans:



1. How to Clean your Dino
Loran Berg from the State Historical Society of North Dakota sent us this photo. After not being able to locate the exact tool he needed, Loran got creative. He attached a flexible tip to the top and a vacuum to the bottom of our Pro Pole and made a dino-sized toothbrush for his T-Rex buddy.





2. How to turn fish tales into fish facts
YOLOTek’s “The Boom” is a specialty mount made with our Super Tab-Lok and a high tech outfit of proprietary mounting hardware to turn your fishing boat into an on the water GoPro movie studio! If you’re into sport fishing you really need to check them out!



iphone 10-19-2015 345_preview


3. How to turn left and left and left and left…
Mr. LongArm has a long time relationship with NASCAR and other racing sports. For years our products have been found wielded by pit crews and members of the sports media, used for everything from pit signs to windshield scrubbers to boom mics. Whoever your favorite driver we’re probably somewhere near-by helping chase that checkered flag.


Bledsoe Rental_preview


4. Long distance power washing
Sound like an event at the Summer Olympics? Nope it’s a pole to help you power wash something high above your head. Bledsoe Rentals has devised this interesting solution. Three story house or commercial sized garage bay doors, doesn’t matter, if its dirty Mr. LongArm can get you there.





5. Nab that Lunker
Another fishing invention! We were sent a link to an online fishing forum where user “justcameslabdaddy” used our 6′ – 12′ Pro Pole and a net he picked up from a local retailer to build the ultimate crappie net! Check out the above link to see how he did and what other products he used.



Lights in Tree_preview


6. How to Decorate for any Holiday
Adding a “boat hook” to the end of one of our extension poles will create the ultimate decorating helper. Fiesta lanterns to Christmas lights, party streamers to happy birthday signs, if it gets hung up we can help!





7. We Do DIY All the Way to DOD
Tactical Electronics has used our extension poles in a number of special forces focused products, such as the Urban Search and Rescue Kit. The USAR Kit uses the leverage and extended reach of our extension poles to allow real-time video streams to the included monitor system. Used by both local law enforcement and the US military, Tactical Electronics has been helping make dangerous environments safer for our police and military personnel.




8. Extension Hook for your Extended Bed
“Say good bye to digging around in the back of your truck”, so says! This handy little device allows you to reach the front of your truck bed while standing firmly flat-footed on the ground. Hay, tools, groceries you name it the Hidden Hook will help you put it in reach.





9. Helping Climbers Reach to New Heights

You’d think that the top of a precipice would be the most hazardous place for a climber, but in all actuality some of the most painful injuries occur 10-15ft off the ground and before the journey even begins. Enter “Stick Clipping”! Using an extension pole (we recommend a Mr. LongArm extension pole) and a this Superclip or similar device, the climber is able to attach her rope to the first carabiner on the route without having to leave the safety of the ground, thus preventing the possibility of injuring herself prematurely.


10. Can you Hear Me Now?

Amateur Radio is a hobby loved by multitudes since the late 19th century. And in the world of radio signal the higher the antenna the better range and signal strength you are going to achieve. The following Reddit post describes one users setup involving our 2324 Alumiglass Pole and a few other parts procured at his local Home Depot.



Whether helping you paint your celling, care for prehistoric fossils, or reach out into the cosmos, our customers have found some extraordinary uses for our products. Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’re helping our fellow man and woman in whatever endeavor they wish to embark by making quality products with the express purpose of optimizing human performance.

Have you used one of our products for something else other than what you’ve seen on our website or social media? Send us a pic, or tag us in a post, we’d LOVE to hear from you!

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