• “Great pole [HydraSoar] for washing my Class A Motorhome. The flow thru is really nice to have as it can be used to spray down after a good soaping. This is a heavy, high quality pole that will last a long long time. Worked well with the Mr. Long Arm brushes. Also, I highly recommend Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax if you’re using this for a Motorhome.”

    Amazon CustomerEnd User

  • “Easy letter changing routine. I have been volunteering at a local movie theater, using an older dry-suction pole and cup, and recently the cup lost its suction seal, apparently becoming too hard to conform to the surface. As soon as I received the new set up, I was pleased to be back doing my job promptly, and with ease. I also like the telescoping handle, as there are times that I am away, and another shorter volunteer must change the marquee, and needs more pole length! All in all, good quality. I would recommend this item to anyone needing to change letters and numbers on a dry-suction billboard.”
    Mr. LongArm Letter Changer holding a letter

    LeeroyEnd User

  • “We had to waterproof our front and back wood porches....full length of the house on both sides. It seemed like a daunting task for my husband and I to tackle but it had to be done. These little [Contour Stain Applicator] sponges were a game changer for the rails and balusters. Our house is on pilings so getting the outside of the wood seemed a little tricky. Not with these little sponges. They bent perfectly around the balusters and were easy to hold on to. Couple of swipes and it was done.“
    Contour Stain Applicator in use.

    MonicaEnd User

  • ”The best feature is Mr.LongArm’s positive locking mechanism, its easy. Other brands have more of a lengthy button and you have to hit it in just the right spot and it doesn’t always go. This is simple, it clicks in place easily and its plenty sturdy even when fully extended. It’s ergonomic and very robust, you can really put some pressure on it if you want to. It’s a good product.”
    Painter holding up a Smart-Lok 3-6 ft extension pole.

    Chris HatfieldDayco Painting, Inc.

  • ”This has got to be one of the best home repair items I have used in a long time! Today, there is a ceiling that has to be almost 20 feet tall that had two nail pops and I was unable to reach it. I got my extension pole and pushed the nails back in, but what about doing the repair? I used the tool extension holder, attached a small putty knife, added a dab of drywall compound and was able to reach the two areas and now they are covered! I just need to let it dry, add on my sanding block with the extension pole and sand the area, then use the tool holder to add a paint brush or mini roller and I’m finished!“
    Brush holder in use with paint brush.

    Mr. SpencerEnd User