How-to Maintain Windows and Keep Costs Low

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by Jenny Holt

Windows are an important part of a home’s structure, they provide ventilation, insulate spaces and improve aesthetic appearance. They also need regular maintenance so they continue to make your home look good, but are also safe and secure.

Keep Windows Clean

Cleaning your windows on a regular basis ensures that the structure itself is free from dirt, dust or moisture that will keep windows looking neat and improve the appearance of your home. Wipe away water that accumulates on the glass, sash, and casings. Remove dust and grime using a damp cloth, avoiding the use of too much water. Clean windows also ensure no molds and spores are present which are health hazards.

Bird Proof Windows

Another maintenance tip that you should consider is to bird proof your windows. Crashes and collisions result in nearly a billion bird deaths in the US which have serious repercussions on their population, especially those that are endangered species. Therefore, it is important to clean windows safely with non-toxic products and ensure your windows are visible to birds.  You can draw curtains, lower shutters or put decals on windows that not only improve looks but also deter birds from crashing or even cracking your windows.

Check Windows Regularly

The effects of the weather, rain, dust, and dirt can take their toll on the life of your windows. Fluctuations in temperature, both inside and outside, also contribute to the wear and tear of windows. Humidity, condensation, and extreme dryness, as well as vibrations from vehicles passing if you live on a busy street, can also make structures deteriorate.

Inspect your windows at regular intervals to make sure that the window and sash are in good condition. You can also check if the frame is rotting due to moisture. On window panes, if there is condensation or moisture, it is a sign that the seal needs replacement.

Another thing that you should look for are gaps or spaces in between the wall and casing. Weather strips should also be inspected to ensure that they are not worn out.

Carry out Repairs

Once weak or worn out parts of the window structure are identified, you can carry out repairs yourself or hire a handyman or professional company. Hollow spaces can be filled with latex caulk, weather strips replaced and rubber seals renewed. Painting can be done on frames to protect them from the harsh effects of the weather and to improve their appearance.

These minor maintenance and repair works can help you save the cost of replacing the windows, especially if due to neglect and disrepair. A new window will cost you anywhere from $400 to $1000 (Angie’s List), depending on the type of window fitted. In addition, fixing windows can also help you save on cooling or heating costs as you will have better insulation at home. For example, sealing air leaks will save 10-20% on heating/cooling expenses and weather strips, 5-10% annually. Sources of allergies and illnesses (molds or dust) can be prevented saving you the cost of medical treatment.


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