ProPole paired with our lambs wool duster makes the best extendable duster

Long Range Dusting with Mr. LongArm

Its spring time here in the Midwest, which means we’ll have near perfect temperatures for about a week before the muggy summer heat descends on us. Great spring weather means opening the windows up and cleaning the house after a long winter (unless you live in Arizona or something, in which case this article applies for anytime of the year). While there are many chores that need to get done once the weather turns warm, one that we frequently see people not commit enough time to is dusting. Many will just wipe down a few tables or dressers and call it good, but dust is everywhere, and leaving it on your fan or other high spots can be the cause of those sneezing attacks that we all so commonly attribute to allergies. Luckily, Mr. LongArm has a couple of dusting attachments that can make reaching those higher spots a breeze, especially when combined with our extendable poles.


Painting a Ceiling

How-to Guide: Painting a Ceiling – Part One

The ceilings in our homes are often bland and boring, for years the white ceiling has been all I have seen when walking into a house, but lately that has changed.  A growing trend amongst homeowners has been painting their ceilings vibrant colors to give their home’s interior a more cheerful and eclectic mood.


What pole do I need? Picking a Telescoping Extension Pole

What Pole Do I Need?

What pole you should buy depends on several factors including; the length you need, how often you’ll use it and your locking mechanism preference. No company offers the depth of selection when it comes to telescoping extension poles that Mr. LongArm does. Our poles are available in a variety of lengths, weights, and locking mechanism styles. In order to help you determine what pole you should buy we created this info graphic to help you quickly select the right pole for your next project. For some ideas of the many non-traditional uses our customers have found for our extension poles, click here.

You can also check out this more extensive post Picking the Best Extension Pole for the Project for more help determining which pole you need. For any additional questions be sure to contact Mr. LongArm’s friendly customer service at 1-800-821-3508.

What pole do I need?

Interesting Uses for Our Products

Interesting and Intriguing Uses for Mr. LongArm Extension Poles

With so many interesting uses for our products, manipulating objects outside of our reach has been an important part of the evolution of the “tool”. It may seem contrary to intuition but the extension pole as we know it didn’t exist before 1958 when R.D. Newman invented it. Before that human beings had to climb or hang or strain to reach higher. And since then we have found all sorts of uses and attached all sorts of apparatus to our extension poles. Mr. LongArm is forever dedicated to optimizing human performance.


Partnership with The Urban Farmers

On Reinventing the Wheel

Mr. LongArm is proud to partner with The Urban Farmers, an all volunteer nonprofit whose mission is to help bring nutritious fresh produce to those less fortunate. The following is a blog from the groups co-founder, Siamack Sioshansi.

by Siamack Sioshansi

The tool that we use every day is readily available from any major hardware store. It comes with metal, fiberglass or wood handles at reasonable prices. This is the story of why we reinvented the fruit picking pole, and like all good stories it has a surprising and heartwarming ending.


An Extruded Aluminum Manifesto

In case you aren’t aware, Mr. LongArm is the World’s largest US manufacturer of telescopic extension poles and accessories, and we’re proud of this fact. Today I’d like to take a minute and explain why we are so adamant about using US made extruded aluminum in our 3ft. and longer extension poles.